Why Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are influential when it comes to making a decision

If you aren’t utilizing a video testimonial service to capture and show your customers’ praises, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to have current customers help you sell to prospects.

Ask yourself one question. Do you value website reviews when making an online purchase?

If you are just using text testimonials on your website, you are failing to utilize one of your best marketing tools—satisfied customers—to their full potential. Video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing. They will keep visitors on your site longer and increase the chances that they will make a purchase. With VMailHub’s desktop recorder, your customers can easily submit them and you can show them off.

What Can You Do?

By including video testimonials directly within your website using the VMailHub desktop recorder, you are giving website visitors information they want and need to make a buying decision. Video testimonials on your website also provide SEO value and drive more traffic to your site, providing you with more potential leads.

Make Personalized Birthday Videos.

Everyday, thousands of people celebrate their birthday and Facebook actually lets you know who they are months in advance.

Offer to record birthday greetings from friends and family around the world.

Give them a unique link to your website so they can stop by and submit their personal video greeting. When you’re ready, convert the collected videos into a beautiful montage birthday gift for your client to share.

Simply contact a few of their friends and let them know about your service and how easy and affordable it is.

Birthday Wishes From Friends

Here’s A Typical Competitor Price Sheet

The video storage limit will never be an issue. After you review a submitted video, simply download it to your computer then delete it off the server and it will no longer be counted as a stored video. 

If anyone needs help, they will have my cell phone number and can text me.

I will then schedule a face to face live session in the webinar room where we can cover your questions in detail. The platform below is live. You can play with it as much as you like without submitting to the server. Keep resetting it and see how easy it is.

If you wish to discontinue for any reason, Simply send me a message or text me and I will immidiately remove your information from the billing database.

No questions asked!

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